ZIRCAR - use for fusing in kilns instead of shelf wash/shelf paper products:

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I have fired some things upon Zircar. The big plus was the ability to take it all the way to "puddle" and not have to clean the back at all. The second plus was that you could cut it yourself. ( I though this was a great thing...the same way you can make "steps" with Fiber paper, but with out having to buy it each time). I didn't actually have to buy any. A friend of mine was doing work on some kind of indution heating forge and had scraps left over.
It didn't do what I REALLY WANTED it to do, which is work as a "ferro". (a "ferro" is the metal plate that is placed on a "pastoralie", (a long handle with a squre frame on one end) glass cane or murrini are put on the ferro, the ferro is put on the pastoralie and the you hold on to the cold end of the pastorali while you put the ferro end in to the glory hole, thus heating the canes) When the Zircar when in to the glory hole, it all kinda flaked apart (not small flakes that came off, but big flakes, like slate).
As for it being expensive....O-YEAH. Really expensive. But if you never have to replace it (or fix work that was made on it) as well as it not reducing your colors (or contaminating your elements, as one poster mentioned.)then you have to do your own math. It might work for some one, just not me. As for the health issue....well....This is just second hand conjecture,the way it was explained to me by the guy I got it from was this:

"All it is, is a couple of feet high of fiber-frax, sprayed with 'some kinda binder' then compressed into a 1/2 inch board." But that 1/2 inch board (on top of 2 bricks) supported the weight of a 250 lb. man while he was saying that.

>If you have used it, did you coat it with anything to keep it from becoming friable?>>

I didn't coat it and the 1600 plus glass didn't stick at ALL. I intentionally puddled the glass in the kiln and in the glory hole, just to see what the extreme upper limit was.

Chris Steffens

From: jjsim@worldnet.att.net
I also just got my catalog from Zircar. their Phone is 914-651-4481
e-mail: sales@zircar.com.
They also have a web site http://www.zircar.com
I havent been there yet, but it is supposed to have their complete technical data posted. I talked to Phil Blasberg. He seems pretty knowledgeable and friendly. If anyone trys this product before me, i would be interested in the results. It allmost sounds to good to be true, and we all know what that means.
Keep a Hot kiln Jim S
<< RS-100 Refractory Sheet: --> Recommended
24" x 24" x 1/8" = $81
24" x 24" x 3/16" = $108
24" x 24" x 1/4" = $135
<<phil clevenger wrote: I used the 1/8" RS-100; it failed after about 12 firings. I have used the
> 1/4" RS-100, which they recommended to me for this application, for the last 18 months or so >

Hey - if the minimum order is $100 - and folks want to use this in their kilns - we could buy several sheets and divy them up. My little kiln would only use 1/4 of a sheet.....

Sounds like "sharing" would be feasible for people with smaller needs.. . I would gladly order a sheet and split it with somebody....
have never done any fusing - but would like to try - and have put it off at
the thought of kiln washing and all that mess...