Springfield Museum of Art
 Winter 2005

The Hotshop is small - but is comfortable for two students and a teacher


It has an electric glass furnace (large blue object) and a gas fired glory hole, to left of furnace.
The small device to right of the furnace is a pipe pre-warmer.
The marver table is in the foreground.

My classmate at the glory hole.  The annealer is behind her on the far wall.

This is the working bench, with the color frit storage behind it.   The annealer - on the right
is a approx 2 x 3 ft interior floor space covered in fine sand.



Our first week - we made simple Ice pick flower paperweights.
Mine reminds me of the first early purple crocus in the spring !

The second week - we practiced first gather, small bubble, second gather
large bubble.  Jack line at the pipe end - swing out to elongate it some,
and then - just for fun -a quick dip in the water bucket!

This is my first "bubble" - with it's "crackle" finish.
This is just plain, clear glass - but the crackle effect really reflected the camera flash!
Kind of cool effect! LOL

The third week
We did all of the above - along with some color frit,
then detached our bubble with a punty - turned it around - and opened out the flare.

Then we made the sides of our open bubble flat and parallel with wet newspaper.

Resulting  in this drinking glass form!
My first BEAUTIFUL functional piece of open blown hot glass!


Last class - a vase --

made with simple "patty" of hot glass for the foot.
The first foot was too small so we doubled it with a larger one.

Don't you love that frit combination?
Looks like a "Monet"  impressionist garden!!

I had such a GREAT TIME!
Can hardly wait until I can do this again!

who finally   satisfied a 35 year desire to blow hot glass!!!!!

Ok - then I try it in miniature at the torch...

about 1.25 inches tall - bubble 7/8 inch diameter!

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